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Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN) is to promote the art and science of nephrology in India, and to improve the care of patients with kidney disease.

The society aims to achieve this mission by

  1. Advancing the knowledge and understanding of kidney diseases through research and education.
  2. Improving the standards of diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with kidney diseases by promoting and supporting the training of healthcare professionals in nephrology and Kidney Transplant.
  3. Fostering collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals, patients, and organizations to promote kidney health and disease prevention.
  4. Advocating for policies and programs that improve access to quality kidney care for all people in India, including those from disadvantaged and marginalized communities.
  5. Engaging in public awareness campaigns to promote kidney health and disease prevention, and to reduce the burden of kidney disease in India.

The ISN is committed to achieving these goals through collaboration, education, advocacy, and research, and to being a leading voice in the field of nephrology in India.