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New Research and Fellowship Opportnities 
As part of its continuing push to improve the training and research in the field of kidney diseases, the Governing Body of the ISN is happy to announce two brand new schemes. Both are targeted at early career researchers and nephrology practitioners and focussed on specific goals.

ISN-La Renon Research Grants
Every year, the society will award three Research Grants upto an amount of Rs 5 lakhs to early career nephrologists (within 5 years of obtaining a nephrology qualification) for novel research projects suited to needs of the country. The scope of the proposal encompasses all fields relevant to a nephrologist including discovery and/or validation components. The proposals will be peer reviewed and finally evaluated by a selected jury. Please note that scientific quality of the proposal, including the ability of the proposed plan to answer the research question being posed using appropriate methodology will be the main criterion during evaluation. Novel ideas will be favored over research that simply aims to replicate what has been done elsewhere, unless the latter is deemed important. An important aim is to promote research in environments where it has not existed before. To foster this, this program encourages applications from those in the private sector desirous of creating durable partnership with academic organizations

Applications should be from recognized institutions/hospitals, and the applicant must be an ISN member. The proposal must provide detailed rationale, aims, and methodology. The project must be realistic in term of feasibility, with mechanism for monitoring well defined outcomes. Finally, a detailed budget is required.
Please click on this link to fill the proposal form online. Any additional material should be emailed to

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