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Indian Society of Nephrology

The Indian Society of Nephrology was born when 10 like-minded and strong-willed individuals sat together on a balmy day in Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1970.

Since its inception, the Society has focused on the advancement of education and good practices aimed towards improving the care of patients with kidney diseases.


The Society has continuously provided a platform for dissemination and sharing of scientific exchange amongst professionals interested in the study of kidney and its diseases in the country. In the early years, the ISN meetings were held along with those of the Association of Physicians of India. That changed in 1991,with the organization of the first independent Annual ISNCON at Jaipur.

The Indian Society of Nephrology currently has over 2069 members. A vast majority of the members are nephrologists, but we have increasing representation of other specialist, such as transplant surgeons, pathologists and basic scientists which helps widen the base of the Society.

The Society collaborates closely with other like-minded societies such as the International Society of Nephrology and the Asian-Pacific Society of Nephrology for a closer international integration.

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