Global and regional international professional Nephrology Societies such as the International Society of Nephrology, the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology and the International Society of peritoneal Dilaysis provide training opportunities through competitive fellowship programs. These are established structured program that have a global application base. Usually they are restricted to nephrologists with some previous experience. The quality of applications is generally good and hence it is important to give some thought to the process. Factors that make a successful application include careful planning and selection of the host center, a clear statement of purpose in the application with well-defined quantifiable goals and a timeline for achieving them (training plan). Pro-forma letters of support should be avoided in favor of customized letters that are tailored to reflect and support the aspirations of training. A demonstrable enthusiasm of the home center to the subject of training also helps.

International Society of Nephrology

The International Society of Nephrology has the biggest global fellowship program. Short term (2-6 months) and long term (upto 12 months, extendable by another year) fellowships are funded. Calls for application go out twice a year, with deadlines on 31 January and 31 July. In addition to the points mentioned above, other factors that enhance likelihood of success include having a sister center relationship with the host center or using the ISN Fellowship matching initiative. The ISN insists that the fellows return to their home countries after their training to convey knowledge and experience that they acquired during their Fellowship (as do the other societies). The ISN also requires that the home and host mentors be members of the ISN. Applications geared towards clinical and epidemiological tarining receice priority.

Visit this page for details of the Fellowship Program and the application process. The ISN also has some special Fellowships for designated programs, which can be found here.

The fellowship amount varies depending on the host country and is calculated on the basis of the differential between the cost of living in host and home countries.
he Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology

The Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) promotes exchange and dissemination of knowledge in the Asian-Pacific area. It support two types of programs. The APSN-ISN fellowship program is administered by the ISN and is covered in the preceding section. The other, the APSN-Roche Nephrology Fellowship program provides clinical training to nephrologists by allowing them to train in nephrology units within the Asian-Pacific countries.

The fellowship duration can be 2-6 months. The award is a maximum of USD 2300 per month according to the living standard of the region of the host unit, plus a maximum of USD500 for transportation.

For details, visit the Fellowship page on the APSN website.

International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis

The International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis aims to promote the awareness of peritoneal dialysis by encouraging qualified individuals to extend their knowledge and expertise of peritoneal dialysis by visiting a center of excellence for up to 3 months. Awards are given for up to USD 3000. Click here for details.

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